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1. ISBN 9780721654041 Zoomen

Atlas of Cutaneous Surgery

June K. RobinsonKenneth A. ArndtPhilip E. LeBoitBruce U. Wintroub
2. ISBN Zoomen

Primary Care Dermatology, 1e by Kenneth A. Arndt MD
MD (1997-01-15)

Kenneth A. Arndt MD
MD;Bruce U. Wintroub MD;June K. Robinson MD;Philip E. LeBoit MD
3. ISBN Zoomen

Pocket Guide to Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, 1e (Companion) by Jeffrey S. Dover MD FRCPC (1995-12-15)

Jeffrey S. Dover MD FRCPC;Kenneth A. Arndt MD
MD;Philip E. LeBoit MD;June K. Robinson MD;Bruce U. Wintroub MD
4. ISBN 0721660967 Zoomen

Primary Care Dermatology

5. ISBN 0683180428 Zoomen

Adverse Cutaneous Reactions to Medication

Sanford M., M.D. GoldsteinBruce U. Wintroub
6. ISBN 0443084777 Zoomen

Manual of Therapy for Skin Diseases

Timothy G., M.D. BergerPeter M. EliasBruce U. Wintroub

Cutaneous Reactoins to Medication

Goldstein Sanford M. und Bruce U. Wintroub