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1. ISBN 1699800421 Zoomen

Bootprints in the Sand

Kelli C. Waits
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Specifications and Contracts: A Series of Lectures Delivered by J. A. L. Waddell. Including Examples for Practice in Specifications Writing, Together with Notes on the Law of Contracts by John C. Wait

J. A. L. Waddell
3. ISBN 127553483X Zoomen

The car-builder's dictionary; an illustrated vocabulary of terms which designate American railroad cars, their parts, attatchments, and details of construction. Five thousand six hundred eighty-three illustrations (1895)

Wait, John Cassan, 1860-1936, comp, Soule, R. H., joint comp, Mitchell, A. E., joint comp, Smith, C. A., joint comp Master Car Builders' Association
4. ISBN 8875217181 Zoomen

Il fantasma del sabato sera. Interviste sulla vita e la musica

Tom Waits
5. ISBN 3540075534 Zoomen

Transient Electromagnetic Fields (Topics in Applied Physics (10), Band 10)

6. ISBN 1626184119 Zoomen

Health Care for Military Servicewomen: Select Assessments (Military and Veteran Issues)

7. ISBN 1481928422 Zoomen

The Horror Zine Magazine Spring 2013

Jeani RectorGeoff NelderC. WaitChristopher S. NelsonBruce MemblattJagjiwan SohalDennis BagwellScott Urban
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10. ISBN 1298515254 Zoomen

A Test of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Jerry C Finch
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