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Buddha Gaya Through the Ages

D.C. Ahir
2. ISBN Zoomen

Buddhist-Art, History And Culture Essays By Prof. L. M. Joshi

D.C. Ahir
3. ISBN 9789380852263 Zoomen

Buddhism Declined in India: How and Why

D. C. Ahir
4. ISBN 938085210X Zoomen

Buddhism and Hinduism

D. C. Ahir
5. ISBN 9380852096 Zoomen

Buddhism in India: States Growth and Development

D.C. Ahir
6. ISBN 8190821261 Zoomen

Buddhism in India: Rediscovery, Revival and Development

D.C. Ahir
7. ISBN 9788190821230 Zoomen

Buddhist World Heritage: Monuments in Asia

D.C. Ahir
8. ISBN 9788190821223 Zoomen

Buddhism in the Punjab Haryana and Himachal Pradesh

D. C. Ahir
9. ISBN 9788190638883 Zoomen

Dr. Ambedkar Buddhism and Social Change

A.K. NarainD. C. Ahir
10. ISBN 9788190638876 Zoomen

Heritage of Buddhism

D.C. Ahir
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