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71. ISBN 1701084546 Zoomen

City of Hope: An anthology of Birmingham writers on the theme of hope

David CroserC.P. GarghanHazel WardCatalina GeorgeZayne BlackJane AndrewsS.L. JonesP.V. MrosoAlex BrightsmithSimon Fairbanks
72. ISBN 1698479646 Zoomen

Overcome Procrastination: How to Increase Your Productivity

David L. Jones
73. ISBN 1696292069 Zoomen

Stop Procrastination: How to Change Bad Habits

David L. Jones
74. ISBN 1662327889 Zoomen

Palin Nation, Changing America From Outside the Beltway

Dr. David L. GoetschDr. Archie P. Jones
75. ISBN 1616233095 Zoomen

Born To Lie: From The Birth Certificate to Health Care

Dr. David L. Goetsch; Dr. Archie P. Jones
76. ISBN 1589481984 Zoomen

Arc Hydro Groundwater: GIS for Hydrogeology

Gil StrassbergNorman L. JonesDavid R. Maidment
77. ISBN 1552979172 Zoomen

Posters of the Canadian Pacific

Marc H. ChokoDavid L. Jones
78. ISBN 1537795635 Zoomen

Be Their Voice: An Anthology for Rescue (Be Their Voice Anthologies)

Rogena Mitchell-Jones
79. ISBN 1537776584 Zoomen

Ever Dream of Me: An Erotic Romance Anthology

Madeline L. StoutDavid W. LandrumSteve PasseyJaap BoekesteinCindar HarrellMichael M. JonesT.C. MillEllie Maddox
80. ISBN 1508670595 Zoomen

The Biography of Mose Jones Jr., Lawrence County Commissioner District 1: A seed of the foot soldiers Bloody Sunday march and the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Dr. April Lavette Jones PhD
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