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1. ISBN 0128014148 Zoomen

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL 2.0

David R. KaeliPerhaad MistryDana SchaaDong Ping Zhang
2. ISBN 0128052538 Zoomen

Autophagy and Cardiometabolic Diseases: From Molecular Mechanisms to Translational Medicine

Jun RenDr. James R. SowersYingmei Zhang
3. ISBN 0128030585 Zoomen

Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases

4. ISBN 0805054138 Zoomen

The Embroidered Shoes: Stories

5. ISBN 0323392547 Zoomen

Diagnostic Pathology: Blood and Bone Marrow

Kathryn Foucar MDDevon Chabot-Richards MDDavid R. Czuchlewski MDKristin Hunt Karner MDKaaren K. Reichard MDMohammad A. Vasef MDCarla S. Wilson MD PhDQian-Yun Zhang MD PhDKarissa Culbreath PhD D(ABMM)
6. ISBN 3775723072 Zoomen

HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner: Architectural Design: Functionality, Sensuality, Rationality: Approaches

Peter C SchmalZhang ShilingWerner SübaiFrank R Werner
7. ISBN 9231032119 Zoomen

History of Civilizations of Central Asia: The Crossroads of Civilization : A.D. 250 to 750 (SANS COLL - UNESCO)

8. ISBN 012816137X Zoomen

Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

9. ISBN 0810108313 Zoomen

Dialogues in Paradise

Xue Can
10. ISBN Zoomen

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL 2.0 by David R. Kaeli Perhaad Mistry Dana Schaa Dong Ping Zhang(2015-06-01)

David R. Kaeli Perhaad Mistry Dana Schaa Dong Ping Zhang
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