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61. ISBN 962865621X Zoomen

Marine Life of Hong Kong

L. Chan
62. ISBN 9622098002 Zoomen

Digby: A Remarkable Life

Julia L. Y. ChanNivritti Gajanan Patil
63. ISBN 9622095097 Zoomen

Hong Kong's Constitutional Debate: Conflict Over Interpretation (Hku Press Law Series)

H. L. Chan
64. ISBN 9622094090 Zoomen

Libraries and Information Centres in Hong Kong (University of Hong Kong Libraries Publications, No. 7)

Julia L. Y. Chan
65. ISBN 9621451124 Zoomen

Shunde Home Cooking (English and Chinese Edition)

K L Chan
66. ISBN 9048169089 Zoomen

Quality-of-Life Research in Chinese, Western and Global Contexts (Social Indicators Research Series, Band 25)

67. ISBN 9048155576 Zoomen

Tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea 2000 B.C.-2000 A.D. (Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research (13), Band 13)

Sergey L. Soloviev
68. ISBN 8865641754 Zoomen

La vita da sogno di Champa il tibetano

Koonchung Chan
69. ISBN 8822701267 Zoomen

The Familiars: A scuola di magia-Il segreto della corona-Il cerchio degli eroi-Il palazzo dei sogni

Adam Jay EpsteinAndrew Jacobson
70. ISBN 8468479829 Zoomen

Las crónicas de Conan, Saqueadores en las tierras fronterizas y otras historias

John BuscemaErnie ChanMichael L. Fleisher
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