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1. ISBN 3037643838 Zoomen

Museum of the Future (Documents)

John BaldessariBice CurigerChris DerconLiam GillickJacques HerzogThomas HirschhornRem KoolhaasErnesto NetoLars NittveHans Ulrich Obrist
2. ISBN Zoomen

Time & Place: Los Angeles 1957-1968 by Lars Nittve (2008-11-24)

Lars Nittve;C??cile Whiting
3. ISBN Zoomen

Clay Ketter by Magnus af Petersens (2009-08-10)

Magnus af Petersens;Lars Nittve
4. ISBN Zoomen

The Second Museum of Our Wishes by John Peter Nilsson (2010-11-29)

John Peter Nilsson;Lars Nittve
5. ISBN 9188090140

Rolf Hanson

Rolf and Lars Nittve Hanson
6. ISBN 9171003622 Zoomen

Two Very Large Presentations

Lars Nittve
7. ISBN 9171003320 Zoomen

Implosion: Ett postmodernt perspektiv (Exhibition catalogue) (Swedish and English Edition)

Lars, et al Nittve
8. ISBN 392347914X Zoomen

Helldunkelhell: Sechs Künstler aus Schweden

9. ISBN 3869845473 Zoomen

Buy What You Like: Tips, Thoughts and Words of Wisdom. 70 collectors, experts and insiders sharing their view on collecting Chinese Contemporary Art

Lin HanLorenz HelblingSylvain LevyLars NittveBudi TekPhil TinariKelly Ying Zhu ZhuQiao Zhibing
10. ISBN 3865216404 Zoomen

Time & Place Los Angeles 1957-1968 (Moderna Museet Exhibition Catalogue)

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