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71. ISBN Zoomen

Beneath The Surface: 13+ Shocking Tales Of Terror by Tim Deal (2008-02-05)

Tim Deal;Scott Christian Carr;Derek M. Fox;Scott William Carter;Malon Edwards;Ian Whates;J.T. Glover;Philip Roberts;Richard Wright;Justin McMahon;Efraim Z. Graves;Marie Brennan
72. ISBN Zoomen

The Book of IOD (Call of Cthulhu Novel) by Henry Kuttner (1995-01-01)

Henry Kuttner;Robert Bloch;Carter
73. ISBN Zoomen

From Salford To Tucson and Back Again by Robert Bob Carter (2009-03-19)

Robert Bob Carter
74. ISBN Zoomen

On the Trail of Deserters: A Phenomenal Capture (Classic Reprint) by Robert Goldthwaite Carter (2015-09-27)

Robert Goldthwaite Carter
75. ISBN Zoomen

From Salford to Tucson and Back Again by Robert Bob Carter (2009-01-31)

Robert Bob Carter
76. ISBN Zoomen

Carter's Coast of New England by Robert Carter (1977-05-01)

Robert Carter;Daniel Ford
77. ISBN Zoomen

The Lost Episodes of Doom by Jonathan Mendoza (1995-01-02)

Jonathan Mendoza;Christen David Klie;Robert Kiana Carter
78. ISBN Zoomen

Yesteryear Companion by Robert Carter (1988-12-02)

Robert Carter
79. ISBN Zoomen

The Amazing 1000 Puzzle Challenge by John Bremner (2003-11-01)

John Bremner;Robert Allen;Philip J. Carter;Ken Russell
80. ISBN Zoomen

On the Border with Mackenzie; or, Winning West Texas from the Comanches (Fred H. and Ella Mae Moore Texas History Reprint Series) by Robert G. Carter (2011-02-18)

Robert G. Carter
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