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1. ISBN 1983756679 Zoomen

The Untraveled Path to the Land of Milk & Honey: Poetry & Haikus from the Soul of A ThriveHer

Sonya A McKinzie
2. ISBN 1981929142 Zoomen

ThriveHer: Women That Walk Confidently and Spiritually From Surviving to Thriving

Sonya A. McKinzie
3. ISBN 1794203621 Zoomen

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Chandra Trulove FryKasandra ShecklesRubi RosePaige ClendeninDeryn PittarCynthia StatonLa'Keah ShannelleSonya McKinzie
4. ISBN 1600475361 Zoomen

Heaven Rain on Me... So That I Can Be the Black Woman God Has Destined Me to Be

Sonya A. McKinzie
5. ISBN 1790997593 Zoomen

Holiday Chords: A Contemporary Romance Anthology

La'Keah ShannelleSonya McKinzieTerri A. WilsonAngela ScavoneChandra Trulove FryJeff DuckerJennifer WedmoreJ.C. LayneK.T. MunsonCynthia Staton
6. ISBN 1502729520 Zoomen

Perfectly Imperfect: Moving above and beyond the pain

Sonya A McKinzie