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1. ISBN 0553371304 Zoomen

Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution

Terence McKenna
2. ISBN 9780062506528 Zoomen

True Hallucinations: Being an Account of the Author's Extraordinary Adventures in the Devil's Paradis

Terence Mckenna
3. ISBN 3037885068 Zoomen

Wahre Halluzinationen

Terence McKenna
4. ISBN 0062506358 Zoomen

The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching

Terence Mckenna
5. ISBN 0892819774 Zoomen

Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness

Rupert SheldrakeTerence McKennaRalph Abraham
6. ISBN 0939680971 Zoomen

Trialogues at the Edge of the West: Chaos, Creativity, and the Resacralization of the World

Ralph AbrahamTerence McKennaRupert Sheldrake
7. ISBN 3492220045 Zoomen

Denken am Rande des Undenkbaren: Über Ordnung und Chaos, Physik und Metaphysik, Ego und Weltseele

Rupert SheldrakeTerence McKennaRalph Abraham
8. ISBN 0974935972 Zoomen

The Evolutionary Mind: Conversations on Science, Imagination & Spirit

Rupert SheldrakeTerence McKennaRalph Abraham
9. ISBN 0932551068 Zoomen

Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide: A Handbook for Psilocybin Enthusiasts

O.T. OssO.N. Oeric
10. ISBN 0712670386 Zoomen

Food Of The Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge: A Radical History of Plants, Drugs and Human Evolution

Terence McKenna
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