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Legal Analysis: The Fundamental Skill by David S. Romantz (2009-07-30)

David S. Romantz;Kathleen Elliott Vinson
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Understanding Patent Law by Amy L. Landers (2012-09-10)

Amy L. Landers
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The World of Classical Myth: Gods and Goddesses, Heroines and Heroes by Carl A. P. Ruck (2001-08-02)

Carl A. P. Ruck;Danny Staples
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Jurisprudence: Theory and Context, Seventh Edition by Brian Bix (2015-08-10)

Brian Bix
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Bold Entrepreneur: A Life of James B. Duke by Robert F. Durden (2003-03-24)

Robert F. Durden
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Assessing Writing Across the Curriculum by Rebecca Sanchez (2000-12-24)

Rebecca Sanchez
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Interviewing and Interrogation by Don Rabon (2009-08-27)

Don Rabon;Tanya Chapman
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Lawyers Crossing Lines: Nine Stories of Greed, Disloyalty, and Betrayal of Trust by James L. Kelley (2001-03-27)

James L. Kelley
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Effective Leadership in Policing: Successful Traits and Habits by Joseph A. Schafer (2013-02-04)

Joseph A. Schafer
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Expert Learning For Law Students by Michael Hunter Schwartz (2008-07-30)

Michael Hunter Schwartz
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