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91. ISBN Zoomen

Africa, vol.1: African History Before 1885 (2001-10-01)

unknown author
92. ISBN Zoomen

The Honest Hour: The Ethics of Time-Based Billing by Attorneys by William G. Ross (1996-01-01)

William G. Ross
93. ISBN Zoomen

If Gargoyles Could Talk: Sketches of Duke University by William E. King (1997-06-01)

William E. King
94. ISBN Zoomen

Christianity and Social Change in Africa: Essays in Honor of J.D.Y. Peel by Toyin Falola (2005-07-30)

Toyin Falola
95. ISBN Zoomen

Animal Law by Sonia Waisman (1999-12-30)

Sonia Waisman;Bruce A. Wagman;Scott Beckstead;Sonia S. Waisman
96. ISBN Zoomen

Current Issues in Constitutional Litigation: A Context and Practice Casebook by Sarah E. Ricks (2015-10-09)

Sarah E. Ricks;Evelyn M. Tenenbaum
97. ISBN Zoomen

Res Judicata: A Handbook on Its Theory, Doctrine, and Practice by Robert C. Casad (2001-03-01)

Robert C. Casad;Kevin M. Clermont
98. ISBN Zoomen

Democratizing Capital: The History, Law And Reform of the Community Reinvestment Act by Richard Marsico (2005-05-30)

Richard Marsico
99. ISBN Zoomen

The Law of Access to Government by Richard J. Peltz-steele (2012-08-22)

Richard J. Peltz-steele
100. ISBN Zoomen

A Student's Guide to the Internal Revenue Code by Richard Gershon (2015-08-17)

Richard Gershon;Jeffrey Maine
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