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Expert Learning For Law Students by Michael Hunter Schwartz (2008-07-30)

Michael Hunter Schwartz
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A Worldview of Animal Law by Bruce A. Wagman (2011-06-27)

Bruce A. Wagman;Matthew Liebman
13. ISBN Zoomen

Aquinas and King: A Discourse on Civil Disobedience by Charles P. Nemeth (2009-04-30)

Charles P. Nemeth
14. ISBN Zoomen

Presumed Dangerous: Punishment, Responsibility, and Preventive Detention in American Jurisprudence by Michael Louis Corrado (2013-10-22)

Michael Louis Corrado
15. ISBN Zoomen

Administrative Justice in the United States by Peter L. Strauss (2016-07-28)

Peter L. Strauss
16. ISBN Zoomen

Literature and Legal Problem Solving: Law and Literature As Ethical Discourse (1998-08-24)

17. ISBN Zoomen

[Administrative Justice in the United States] [By: Strauss, Peter L.] [July, 2016]

Peter L. Strauss
18. ISBN Zoomen

Africa, vol. 4: The End of Colonial Rule: Nationalism and Decolonization by Toyin Faloia (2002-08-06)

Toyin Faloia
19. ISBN Zoomen

Legal Writing by Design: A Guide to Great Briefs and Memos by Teresa J. Reid Rambo (2013-07-23)

Teresa J. Reid Rambo;Leanne J. Pflaum
20. ISBN Zoomen

Russia and the Relationship Between Law and Power by James P. Terry (2014-05-30)

James P. Terry
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