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51. ISBN Zoomen

Dictionary of International Trade Law by Raj Bhala (2015-10-15)

Raj Bhala
52. ISBN Zoomen

The Right to Home School: A Guide to the Law on Parents Rights in Education by Christopher J. Klicka (2002-04-02)

Christopher J. Klicka
53. ISBN Zoomen

Coolidge and the Historians by Thomas B. Silver (1983-06-02)

Thomas B. Silver
54. ISBN Zoomen

Criminal Competency on Trial: The Case of Colin Ferguson by Mark C. Bardwell (2002-06-02)

Mark C. Bardwell;Bruce A. Arrigo
55. ISBN Zoomen

International Dispute Resolution: Cases And Materials (Carolina Academic Press Law Casebook Series) by Mary Ellen O'Connell (2006-08-30)

Mary Ellen O'Connell
56. ISBN Zoomen

Social Foundations of American Education by Robert C. Serow (2000-09-02)

Robert C. Serow;Vivian L. Castelli;Perry A. Castelli
57. ISBN Zoomen

Guide to Law and Literature for Teachers, Students, and Researchers: Companion Text to Literature and Legal Problem Solving : Law and Literature As Ethical Discourse by Paul J. Heald (1998-07-02)

Paul J. Heald
58. ISBN Zoomen

Telecommunications Law and Policy, 2010 Supplement by Stuart Minor Benjamin (2010-12-31)

Stuart Minor Benjamin;Howard A. Shelanski;James B. Speta;Philip J. Weiser
59. ISBN Zoomen

Law in a Therapeutic Key: Developments in Therapeutic Jurisprudence (Carolina Academic Press Studies in Law and Psychology) (1996-11-30)

60. ISBN Zoomen

The Original Misunderstanding: The English, the Americans and the Dialectic of Federalist Jurisprudence by Stephen B. Presser (1991-08-30)

Stephen B. Presser
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