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Balkan Justice: The Story Behind the First International War Crimes Trial Since Nuremberg by Michael P. Scharf (1997-06-30)

Michael P. Scharf
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Entertainment Law Document Supplement by Melvin Simensky (1999-06-30)

Melvin Simensky;Thomas Selz;Robert C. Lind;Barbara Burnett;Charles A. Palmer
63. ISBN Zoomen

Illinois Legal Research by Mark E. Wojcik (2003-08-30)

Mark E. Wojcik
64. ISBN Zoomen

Basic Pneumatics by Jay F. Hooper (2003-05-30)

Jay F. Hooper
65. ISBN Zoomen

A Capital Case in America: How Today's Justice System Handles Death Penalty Cases, From Crime Scene to Ultimate Execution of Sentence by David Crump (2000-03-27)

David Crump;George Jacobs
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Starting Off Right in Torts by Carolyn J. Nygren (1998-06-30)

Carolyn J. Nygren
67. ISBN Zoomen

Starting Off Right in Contracts by Carolyn J. Nygren (1998-06-30)

Carolyn J. Nygren
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Textiles and Politics: The Life of B. Everett Jordan : From Saxapahaw to the United States Senate by Ben F. Bulla

Ben F. Bulla
69. ISBN Zoomen

New Perspectives on American Law: An Introduction to Private Law in Politics and Society by Austin Sarat (1997-08-30)

Austin Sarat;Mark Silverstein;William G. Weaver;Lief H. Carter
70. ISBN Zoomen

Litigating in Federal Court: A Guide to the Rules by Ann E. Woodley (1999-12-30)

Ann E. Woodley
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