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EU Public Procurement Law (Elgar European Law series) 2 Revised edition by Christopher H. Bovis (2013) Taschenbuch

Christopher H. Bovis
2. ISBN 1785367560 Zoomen

International Regulation of Non-Military Drones

Anna MasuttiFilippo Tomasello
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A World in Emergence: Cities and Regions in the 21st Century by Allen J. Scott (2014-07-31)

Allen J. Scott
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Towards European Science: Dynamics and Policy of an Evolving European Research Space by Linda Wedlin (2016-02-28)

Linda Wedlin;Maria Nedeva
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Smart Technologies and the End(s) of Law: Novel Entanglements of Law and Technology by Mireille Hildebrandt(2016-05-25)

Mireille Hildebrandt
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Living Wages Around the World: Manual for Measurement by Richard Anker Martha Anker(2017-01-31)

Richard Anker Martha Anker
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Academic Entrepreneurship: University Spinoffs And Wealth Creation (New Horizons in Entrepreneurship series) by Scott Andrew Shane(2004-01-05)

Scott Andrew Shane
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Entrepreneurship in Theory and Practice: Paradoxes in Play, Second Edition by Suna Lowe Nielsen Kim Klyver Majbritt Rostgaard Evald Torben Bager(2017-05-26)

Suna Lowe Nielsen Kim Klyver Majbritt Rostgaard Evald Torben Bager
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Understanding Ponzi Schemes: Can Better Financial Regulation Prevent Investors from Being Defrauded? (New Horizons in Money and Finance series) by Mervyn K. Lewis(2016-08-31)

Mervyn K. Lewis
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Development and Modern Industrial Policy in Practice: Issues and Country Experiences by Jesus Felipe (2016-06-16)

Jesus Felipe
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