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1. ISBN 1258017652 Zoomen

Behind the Dictators: A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism

Leo H. Lehmann
2. ISBN 1258451522 Zoomen

Conflict and Defense: A General Theory

Kenneth Ewart Boulding
3. ISBN 1258182475 Zoomen

Edward Atkinson: The Biography of an American Liberal, 1827-1905

Harold Francis Williamson
4. ISBN 1258205424 Zoomen

The Structures of Eduardo Torroja: An Autobiography of an Engineering Accomplishment

Eduardo Torroja
5. ISBN 1258520680 Zoomen

Modern Viking: The Story of Abraham Vereide, Pioneer in Christian Leadership

Norman Percy Grubb
6. ISBN 1258040271 Zoomen

Sesshu's Long Scroll: A Zen Landscape Journey

7. ISBN 1258942631 Zoomen

The Lost Continent of Mu: The Motherland of Men

Colonel James Churchward
8. ISBN 1258341751 Zoomen

Poems and Drawings

Josef Albers
9. ISBN 1258149486 Zoomen

The Background of Napoleonic Warfare: The Theory of Military Tactics in Eighteenth-Century France

Robert S Quimby
10. ISBN 1258361671 Zoomen

Tough Minded Management

Joe D Batten
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