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1. ISBN 904111551X Zoomen

Sea-bed Energy and Minerals:The International Legal Regime

University of Wales Staff
2. ISBN 904111274X Zoomen

Improving the Efficiency of Arbitration Agreements and Awards:40 Years of Application of the New York Convention (Icca Congress Series, Band 9)

Albert van den Berg
3. ISBN 904110447X Zoomen

Postnational Democracy: European Union in Search of a Political Philosophy

4. ISBN 9041110917 Zoomen

The International Law on the Rights of the Child (International Studies in Human Rights, 35)

Geraldine Bueren
5. ISBN 9041105719 Zoomen

Paradoxes of European Foreign Policy

Jan Zielonka
6. ISBN 9789041114150 Zoomen

Enforcing International Human Rights Law:The UN Treaty System in the 21st Century

Anne Bayefsky
7. ISBN 9041102884 Zoomen

Human Rights and Democracy:The Role of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt: The Role of the Supreme Court of Egypt (Cimel Book Series, No 3, Band 3)

Kevin Boyle
8. ISBN 9041117350 Zoomen

Environmental Regulation Through Financial Organisations:Comparative Perspectives on the Industrialised Nations (Comparative Environmental Law and Policy Series Set)

Benjamin Richardson
9. ISBN 904111565X Zoomen

Comparative Labour Law Principles and Methods Industrial Relations Inindustrialized Market Economies

10. ISBN 9041110445 Zoomen

The Use of Comparative Law by Courts

Ulrich Drobnig
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