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1. ISBN 9813239247

Physics Of Living Matter: Space, Time And Information, The - Proceedings Of The 27th Solvay Conference On Physics

2. ISBN 9813236450 Zoomen

Ordinary Differential Equations And Boundary Value Problems - Volume I: Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations (Trends in Abstract and Applied Analysis)

John R. GraefJohnny L HendersonLingju KongSherry Xueyan Liu
3. ISBN 9789810210519 Zoomen

Lecture Notes on Symmetries and Curvature Structure in General Relativity (World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics: Vol. 46)

Graham S. Hall
4. ISBN 9810203500 Zoomen

Computer Epistemology: A Treatise in the Feasibility of the Unfeasible or Old Ideas Brewed New (Series in Computer Science) (World Scientific Series In Computer Science)

Tibor Vamos
5. ISBN 9812565310 Zoomen

Theory And Phenomenology Of Sparticles: An Account Of Four-dimensional N=1 Supersymmetry In High Energy Physics

6. ISBN 981238507X Zoomen

Is Future Given?

Ilya Prigogine
7. ISBN 9812566619 Zoomen

FIVE-DIMENSIONAL PHYSICS, Classical and Quantum Consequences of Kaluza-Klein Cosmology

Paul S Wesson
8. ISBN 9812774971 Zoomen

Advances in Atomic Physics: An Overview

Claude Cohen-TannoudjiDavid Guery-Odelin
9. ISBN 9789812703705 Zoomen

A First Look at Rigorous Probability Theory

Jeffrey Rosenthal
10. ISBN 9810247567 Zoomen

Dynamics Of Marine Craft, The: Maneuvering And Seakeeping (Advanced Series On Ocean Engineering)

Edward M. Lewandowski
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