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11. ISBN 0231168918 Zoomen

Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)

Ole G. MouritsenKlavs Styrbaek
12. ISBN 0231186835 Zoomen

How to Read a Japanese Poem

Steven D. Carter
13. ISBN 023117988X Zoomen

The Book of Lord Shang: Apologetics of State Power in Early China (Translations From the Asian Classics)

Yang Shang
14. ISBN 0231181353 Zoomen

The Activist Director: Lessons from the Boardroom and the Future of the Corporation (Columbia Business School Publishing)

Ira M. Millstein
15. ISBN 0231184646 Zoomen

Game Theory and Climate Change

Parkash Chander
16. ISBN 9780231149273 Zoomen

The Philosophy of the Mozi: The First Consequentialists

Chris Fraser
17. ISBN 0231131240 Zoomen

The Democracy Makers - Human Rights and the Politics of Global Order

Nicolas Guilhot
18. ISBN 1911325221 Zoomen

Folk Horror

Adam Scovell
19. ISBN 9780231109390 Zoomen

Sources of Chinese Tradition: From Earliest Times to 1600 (Introduction to Asian Civilization)

Wm. Theodore De Bary
20. ISBN 023111799X Zoomen

Experiencing Music Video: Aesthetics and Cultural Context

Carol Vernallis
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