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Swiss Company Law: Fully revised second edition (Swiss Law In a Nutshell) by Lukas Handschin (2014-06-30)

Lukas Handschin
2. ISBN Zoomen

Residence in Switzerland: Entry, Work and Residence Permits, Purchase of Real Estate, Social Security and Pension System, Marital and Inheritance Law, System of Taxation by Oliver Arter (2015-12-27)

Oliver Arter
3. ISBN Zoomen

Swiss Civil Procedure Code (CPC): English Translation of the New Swiss Civil Procedure Code, with an Overview of its Main Features (Dike Law Books) by Lucien W. Valloni (2010-10-01)

Lucien W. Valloni;Daniel Bloch
4. ISBN Zoomen

Principles of Federalism: Guidelines for Good Federal Practices - a Swiss Contribution by Arnold Koller (2012-04-18)

Arnold Koller;Daniel Thurer;Bernard Dafflon;Bernhard Ehrenzeller;Thomas Pfisterer;Bernhard Waldmann
5. ISBN Zoomen

Harmonising Anti-Corruption Compliance: The OECD Good Practice Guidance 2010 by Mark Pieth (2011-11-27)

Mark Pieth
6. ISBN Zoomen

Collective Action: Innovative Strategies to Prevent Corruption (2012-10-18)

7. ISBN Zoomen

Customer Preferences of Very Light Jet Air Taxi Operators (CFAC - The Aviation Series) by Tim Michael B????ttger (2009-12-01)

Tim Michael B????ttger
8. ISBN Zoomen

The International Law Concept of Neutrality in the 21st Century: An Analysis of Contemporary Neutrality with a Focus on Switzerland (Dike Law Books) by Alexander Spring (2014-08-17)

Alexander Spring
9. ISBN Zoomen

Secondary Liability in International Criminal Law: A Study on Aiding and Abetting or Otherwise Assisting the Commission of International Crimes by Flavio Noto (2013-07-31)

Flavio Noto
10. ISBN Zoomen

International Business Transactions: Legal Aspects for Managers (2013-08-05)

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